Here’s why you should consider creating a trust.

  • A trust contains specific instructions to manage, protect, preserve and distribute your assets beyond the settlor’s lifetime, and often over the beneficiaries’ lifetime.

  • It also outlines the duties and responsibilities of the Trustee. 

  • Our service provider offers different types of trust services to meet your estate planning objectives.

Here's a closer look at the types of trusts available.

A trust that consolidates a family’s multiple assets (including investments, insurance policies and real estate properties) for the purpose of providing effective wealth management and succession within a family.

A trust created to facilitate a business agreement among partners. This will ensure that business interests are not split among non-participating heirs of the partners.

A trust to fund charitable and social causes, through sustainable investments or endowments managed by professional charitable managers.

A trust created with the intention to perpetuate family’s wealth across multiple generations, up to 100 years.

A living trust that holds insurance policies to achieve specific wealth planning objectives. It ensures that you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your long-term care is met.

Seminars and workshops

NTUC Income also holds a series of webinars related to trust services. Each webinar will establish a basic understanding of a trust’s structure and the stakeholders involved.


In the upcoming webinar, the speakers will talk about the benefits of having a Will and a Trust as part of your estate planning and how to ensure that we leave behind meaningful legacies. Wealth and assets could be lost very quickly if we do not plan for potential pitfalls. The use of instruments such as the will, trust and the lasting power of attorney will be highlighted.


Date Time
19.05.21 7.00 pm

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An interactive webinar on the planning philosophy and process for setting up a Family Trust to provide for your loved ones and to preserve your assets.  


The value of your home, CPF, savings, insurance policies and investments, collectively could be worth more than you expect! With proper planning, you can leave a substantial estate to your children and loved ones.


In a world increasing more concerned with self-entitlement and short-term gratification, we believe it is equally important to prepare our children for money. Learn from our Accredited Estate Planners how you can effectively plan and prepare your money for your loved ones so that their lives may be enriched through your wealth.




Date Time

9.00 am to 12.30 pm

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