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Income OrangeAid

OrangeAid is Income's community development initiative, aimed at supporting disadvantaged children and youths via education. Besides Income's donation of operating profits, policyholders can also donate via RoundUp, where policy premiums can be rounded up to the nearest dollar or more, and the difference goes to OrangeAid.

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2021 Performance Highlights

$1.2 M

donated to Labour Movement in support of low-income workers

$32 K

raised by our employees for Thye Hua Kwan Home for the Disabled

$4.23 M

in financial support via COVID-19 Support Schemes to over 50,000 individuals, families and businesses

1 %

of operating profit contributed to Income OrangeAid to champion education for youth-in-need 

NTUC Income Sustainability Report 2021

The report provides more information on our sustainability efforts and performance relating to each of our key sustainability pillars.

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Find out more about the other two pillars of Income's Sustainability Strategy, which guide our material actions and business priorities.

Operate a Responsible Business

We consider the impact of our business by maintaining effective governance, improving insurance access for different segments of society, and helping our employees grow professionally and personally at work.

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Action for Environment

We pledge to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 so that our business in insurance and the way we operate are tied to sustainable outcomes.

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