We make a difference with our services SERVED 19% MORE ACCIDENT VEHICLES Our 24/7 accident-response team won the Road Safety Award in 2017 for upholding and promoting road safety in Singapore. at accident scenes by Income Orange Force riders at Income Motor Service Centre (MSC) MSC complements Orange Force in offering one-stop service from accident reporting to vehicle repair. on Adviser Connect, making financial advice accessible This aids better understanding and informed decision-making about our insurance offerings and benefits. ‘Jiffy Jane’ interacts with you using natural language and hence, is easy to “talk to” and acts like a personal concierge to offer quick and easy access to travel insurance anytime and anywhere. Adviser Connect is a first in Singapore by an insurer that allows a customer to initiate a conversation online with a qualified financial adviser anytime, anywhere, while remaining anonymous. This enables a customer to engage instantly with the adviser, whom they are comfortable with, based on the adviser’s profile and interests. The customer can then decide to meet with the adviser personally and pursue the conversation further without obligations. Orange Health offers low-cost health screenings and awards incentives to those who passed them. via industry’s first travel insurance chatbot, ‘Jiffy Jane’ We go the extra mile to offer industry-first, value-added initiatives that benefit the lives of those we serve. 8,600 20,000 SUPPORTS SEAMLESS QUERY AND PURCHASE OF TRAVEL INSURANCE 24/7 USED PLAIN ENGLISH IN CONTRACTS ORANGE HEALTH REWARDS THOSE WHO STAY HEALTHY ASSISTED OVER EMPOWERED ALMOST CONVERSATIONS MOTORISTS FIRST TO EMPOWER POLICYHOLDERS WITH REMOTE MOTOR ACCIDENT REPORTING via mobile app, ‘Accident Reporting by Income’ The industry-first app offers unparalleled convenience to those hard-pressed for time to report the accident in-person within 24-hours as required by the Motor Claims Framework. It complements our existing customer-focused touch-points such as the Orange Force and the Income Motor Service Centre, as well as, its partner workshops.