Making a difference every day As a social enterprise, we are committed to deliver value to our policyholders. We do this by being an industry price moderator, offering competitive pricing to benefit all consumers in Singapore. We go the extra mile to provide value- added services to constantly improve our policyholders’ experience with us. We strive to make a difference by catering products to our seniors and the underserved communities in Singapore, whom may have few or no insurance options. Through Income OrangeAid, our community development initiative, we champion education for youth-in- need so that collectively, we can be more future ready. Since our founding in 1970, delivering social impact has been a business imperative and an entrenched part of our business model. This is why we score our annual corporate performance partly on social impact achievements as it keeps us focused on doing well and doing good. Each year, we continue to deliver positive social impact through our product offerings, the services we provide, in the communities we serve and via our staff volunteers, policyholders and donors. The highlights of our activities in 2017 include closing the protection gap of the under-insured “sandwiched” generation, as they are financially committed to care for multi-generational dependants, as well as, enabling our motor policyholders with a market-first mobile application to file an accident report remotely. We also enhanced travellers’ access to travel insurance via the industry’s first natural-language chatbot, which seamlessly supports travel insurance queries and purchases 24/7 anywhere, while offering peace of mind to travellers with pre-existing medical conditions with our Enhanced PreX Travel Insurance Plan. More information on how we have made a difference in 2017 is enclosed in this report. We hope you will enjoy reading it. As one of Singapore’s leading life, health and general insurance providers, we know that our business impacts our communities on a daily basis. Our impact begins with our 1,800 employees, who are serving the financial and protection needs of over two million policyholders in Singapore.