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Secure your finances for your golden years with Gro Retire Ease.

Find out how Gro Retire Ease can fit into your personal financial plan.

Protection against death & disability as you save.

The benefit you will receive depends on when the death occurs:

During the accumulation period Receive 105% of all net premiums[6] paid, and 100% of the terminal bonus[5].
During the payout period Receive 105% of all net premiums[6] paid, and 100% of terminal bonus[5], less all monthly cash benefits and cash bonuses paid out, except any cash benefit paid out under the Disability Care Benefit[8].
Get an additional 105% of all net premiums[6] paid if accidental death[7] happens before age 70. If the accident happened during a restricted activity, this benefit will be reduced to 63% of all net premiums[6] paid.
You will receive additional coverage should you be diagnosed with any of these conditions due to accidental injury or sickness:
  • Loss of use of one limb
  • Loss of speech
  • Loss of sight of one eye
  • Loss of hearing
The coverage offered depends on when the condition is diagnosed:

During accumulation period Waiver of future premiums[9] Lump sum benefit[10] Additional stream of monthly cash benefits[11] during payout period
During payout period Additional stream of monthly cash benefits[11] during payout period

Let us walk you through Gro Retire Ease.

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Your policy toolkit.

Minimum entry age
(last birthday)
Maximum entry age
(last birthday) for 5-pay
Maximum entry age
(last birthday) for 10-pay
Maximum entry age
(last birthday) for Regular Pay
10 years2065^NANA
15 years205555NA
Up to age 5020403534
Up to age 5520454039
Up to age 6020504544
Up to age 6520555049

^Only for payout period of 10 and 20 years. For payout period of 30 years, the maximum entry age is 60 (last birthday).

You can make your payments monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.

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