• Duties as firefighters, police force personnel, fishermen, armed security guards, aircrew, ship crew, marine salvage crew, oil riggers, dock workers, drivers, despatch riders, driving instructors, bodyguards and bouncers.
  • Any activities involving explosives, heavy machinery, woodworking, dangerous gases or substances, using underwater breathing apparatus, work on construction or demolition sites, work at heights above 10 metres, work in underground tunnels, oil and gas rigs or offshore work.
  • Military, air force or naval operations in peacetime, including training and exercises for national servicemen or reservists in peacetime.
  • Motorcycling whether as rider or pillion rider.
  • Professional sports, any form of race (except racing on foot, cycling or swimming), action or adventure sports that involve speed, height at above 10 metres, highly specialised gear, stunts or using underwater breathing apparatus. This definition includes rock climbing, mountaineering, parachuting, white-water rafting, horse riding, winter sports and scuba diving.