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Growing up, Foxin first stayed at a children’s home in Choa Chu Kang. When he was given the opportunity to stay with a foster family, he decided to give it a shot. He had to move to a second foster home after two years with his first foster family. He recalled being given only two-hours to move out. As such, he had to leave everythng else behind except for his essentials. Barely a year later, he had to move again as his foster family decided to discontinue fostering. He then moved to The Haven, a residential home for children and youth, where he remained for seven years until his most recent move to stay and work at The Salvation Army in 2016.   For 21-year-old Foxin, the frequent moves, since he was in primary school, had been challenging. Foxin had to navigate different environments and living conditions as he learnt to fit in with the other children in the various homes. While in a home, he had to keep to the house rules and to cope with other children and their habits. He was indignant when he was punished along with other children who made mistakes and broke the rules. ”It isn’t always fair but life goes on,” Foxin shrugged good-naturedly and smiled.   Being the resilient person that he is, he adapts. “Whenever I move, I’m usually on my own for the first few days. It gets better after I start talking to people and making friends.” Despite the constant upheavals, Foxin remains upbeat. He claimed that he learnt a lot about de-cluttering and living a minimalistic lifestyle given his constant moves.   Since becoming an awardee of the Income OrangeAid Future Development Programme, Foxin has had a greater peace of mind and a better quality of life. The financial aid that Foxin receives helps him pay for his school fees that he would otherwise have to pay with his salary. Foxin works full-time in the evenings after school to support himself.   When asked how he originally planned to pay for his tertiary education, Foxin let on: “I used funds from my MOE post-secondary education account for the first year and was going to use all my savings from my monthly salary to pay for the next two years.”   With Income OrangeAid stepping in to defray most of his school fees, Foxin can now set aside monthly personal savings and stop living from hand-to-mouth. “I can now see a little further ahead. I usually put aside my monthly rental and savings before I spend on transport and food so I am able to spend within my means. Hopefully now, I can have a little extra to buy some art supplies so that I can pursue my love for painting,” Foxin said. 


The Income OrangeAid Future Development Programme (FDP) helps students like Foxin complete their tertiary education. On top of financial aid, the FDP offers awardees basic financial literacy training and personal career coaching, as well as, access to internships and part-time positions at Income and other NTUC Social Enterprises. Foxin is a second-year FDP awardee and is set to pursue a design-related career after he completes his diploma at Singapore Polytechnic.