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To offer youth-in-need equal access to education, every dollar counts. And in this regard, every donor who supports the cause makes a difference too. This is why Income OrangeAid launched this initiative from January to March 2019 to give recognition to individual donor of its Future Development Programme (FDP) as each donation is akin to a “personal bursary” from the donor to the beneficiaries. For the first time, OrangeAid leveraged LinkedIn to rally working professionals behind our support for education for youth-in-need.

During the fund-raising campaign period, for every donation made, a donor received an image of the “bursary” in their name after they had make a donation on the campaign microsite. They were given the opportunity to share the image on their LinkedIn profile and encourage their network and colleagues to support and donate to the cause as well. To date, we have hate close to 600 donors who have donated more than $20,000 in total.

The FDP provides financial assistance through bursaries to tertiary students from the lowest income households to help them stay in school. It also levels their playing field with financial literacy training, as well as, personal and career guidance. In doing so, we hope these youths gain the confidence, belief and skills to thrive and secure a better future for themselves and their families.