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Money management, budgeting, and the Central Provident Fund – these were topics introduced to students from the Institute of Technical Education and polytechnics at the recent ¢ents & $ensibility financial literacy workshop. Held on 10 and 17 Oct, more than 110 beneficiaries of Income’s OrangeAid’s Future Development Programme attended an enrichment workshop to learn how to better manage their finances.

The workshop contributes to the holistic development of OrangeAid awardees by teaching them how to set smart financial goals and providing tips to help them better manage their savings and spending. The inaugural workshop, part of the Future Development Programme, was led by the Institute of Financial Literacy and facilitated by Income’s Client Advisers.
Most of the participants found the workshop helpful and informational. They also enjoyed getting to know their fellow awardees. As part of their personal development, OrangeAid provided a period of time for self-reflection. The awardees commented that they were thankful to build a foundation to achieve their dreams and financial goals.

Joseph Chung, Income’s Client Adviser, who volunteered as a facilitator, commented that it was a fantastic experience to be able to impart financial planning skills to these students. “I wish I had such opportunities when I was younger as these skills are valuable throughout a person’s life,” he said. “Our message to these students is they should exercise discipline, prudence and always ‘dare to dream’ whatever the circumstances.”

All in all, the Client Advisers felt that it was fulfilling to make an impact on the lives of these OrangeAid awardees as such programmes can really reach out to the young and transform their future for the better.