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With Max Tiong, Head of Transformation Office at Income

“Idea creation is endless and limitless, and insights can be drawn from anything and everything we see around us in our daily lives,” realized Nur Amalina, one of our Income OrangeAid Future Development Programme awardees, at the end of her coaching programme with Head of Income’s Transformation office, Max Tiong.

Four of our past and current beneficiaries signed up to be coached by Max so they could learn more about design thinking and the ideation process. They also got the opportunity to learn how to develop their “crazy” ideas, test them with their target audience and were exposed to case studies of how famous start-ups today were built based on such models.

During the coaching programme, Nur Amalina, A’Fowsh Flora, Wesley Fung and Kiew Hui Shan created ideas that were inspired by their personal lives, built “fake-door” websites to validate them amongst their social circles and the internet, and refined their ideas based on responses they received. “One key learning was that no response is a response as well. I learnt that it did not mean that my idea failed, it meant I had to improve on it,” commented Hui Shan.

Our awardees also learnt how to use applications such as Launchacho and Type Form for testing of their ideas, and learnt how to track interest on their webpage meaningfully through link management platforms such as Bitly.

While Flora and Amalina intend to learn more and gain experience by joining courses and starting up their own blogs and websites, Wesley and Hui Shan are inspired to continue chasing their own dreams of building their own start-ups.

Overall, awardees found the coaching programme enjoyable and meaningful as they were all inspired to be more creative and now have a better idea of how start-ups are built. Through this opportunity, they also realize that there are other career opportunities out there beyond their own course of studies in school.