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Your policy toolkit.

You can decide on the policy coverage period based on your needs.

Coverage periodMinimum entry age
(last birthday)
Maximum entry age
(last birthday)
Between 5 & 35 years, in multiples of 5 years *079
Up to age 54 (last birthday)049
Up to age 64 (last birthday)059
Up to age 74 (last birthday)069

*Subject to the maximum coverage age of up to age 84 (last birthday)

You have to pay premiums throughout the whole policy term. You can make your premium payments monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.

Your queries answered.

If there is no claim on this policy and the insured is below age of 80 at the time of renewal, we will allow renewal without underwriting up to the same amount of sum assured. We will renew the policy in multiples of 5 years. Each renewal term will not exceed the original contract term and the insured's 84th birthday.

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