Sandwich Generation


A generation of people who are financially responsible for both their children and ageing parents

79%^ of young Singaporeans believe that they will become the next Sandwich Generation due to their parents having insufficient retirement funds. This belief is not unfounded as 3 in 5 parents have yet to start planning for their retirement. Have you taken steps to ensure you are the Last Sandwich Generation, or is your child going to be part of the next Sandwich Generation?


Is your child at risk of becoming the next Sandwich Generation?

Answer these 10 questions to find out.

Question 1:

How old is your youngest child?

Question 2:

What types of insurance do you currently have?

Question 3:

Do you think you’ll have enough money during your retirement years?

Question 4:

What have you done to plan for your retirement so far?

Question 5:

How much do you think you’ll need for your retirement?

Question 6:

What do you do when your shampoo is about to finish?

Question 7:

What do you think your own parents would likely say about you?

Question 8:

What do you normally eat for lunch?

Question 9:

Your child is throwing a tantrum because you refuse to buy them an expensive toy – What do you do?

Question 10:

What inspires you to reach your life goals?

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