The PMI Scheme aims to encourage servicemen to take up medical insurance early, and to give assurance and protection for themselves and their families against the cost of future medical needs. While MINDEF/SAF provides medical benefits schemes and also covers the cost of medical treatments for service-related injuries, the PMI Scheme will serve to complement these existing medical benefits.

Here’s what the Portable Medical Insurance (PMI) Scheme offers you.

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Who this plan is for.

You are eligible under PMI if you are:

 i. Servicemen

  • SAF regulars (Regulars) and full-time National Servicemen (NSF).
  • Defence Executive Officers (DXO) and Executive Assistants (DXEAs).
  • Public Officers posted to work in MINDEF.


ii. Dependants

  • The legally married spouse of the Servicemen not separated or divorced from the Servicemen.
  • The natural, legally adopted or step-child(ren) of the Servicemen.
  • Parents of the Servicemen.

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