Here’s how you can stay covered over a prolonged period of medical leave.

Who this is for.

  • You must be a self-employed person (SEP) and is a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident who is residing in Singapore only.
    Self-employed person means any person who operates own trade, business, profession or vocation other than under employment under a contract of service. They are commonly referred to as freelancers or independent contractors or own account workers.
  • You must be at least 21 years old at the point of application. Coverage will end when you reach 75 years old (age last birthday).

How much you need to pay.

Age last birthday (years)Plan APlan B
21 to 30$102.72$136.96
31 to 40$112.35$149.80
41 to 50$169.06$224.70
51 to 60$303.88$404.46
61 to 70$497.55$661.26
71 to 75$555.33$738.30

Annual premium rates (Premium inclusive of 7% GST)

Premium rates are not guaranteed and may be reviewed from time to time. The premiums that you pay are based on the insured’s age last birthday. Premium rates will change when the insured enters a higher age band.

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