Group Personal Accident Insurance for Students

Login to Group Personal Accident Insurance for Students online portal, for authorised staff of schools or centres only.

Employees FlexCare

Protect your employees with comprehensive coverage that can be customised to your needs.


Give your foreign worker employees 24-hour coverage against death and accidents.

Contractor Suite

Affordable, comprehensive coverage for SME Contractors to cover renovation, service and small construction projects.

Foreign Worker Security Bond

This is a form of Security Guarantee provided to the Controller of Immigration.
It is compulsory to purchase for each non-Malaysian foreign worker.

Event Liability Insurance

Cover accidental bodily injury & property damage due to negligence arising out of or in connection with events you organise.


Login to access your group insurance outpatient eServices such as finding panel clinics and request for Letter of Guarantee (LOG).


Start.Sure online application tailored for start-ups.


Coming soon!