Why get our domestic cleaning services?

  • Enjoy convenient domestic assistance to supplement your vibrant lifestyle.

  • All domestic cleaners are trained before getting assigned job requests.

  • Choose from two different packages to meet your varying household needs.

Weekly cleaning packages

Prices inclusive of GST. Minimum 4 visits per month. For less than 4 visits monthly, service fee will be higher.

  Weekday Package (Mon – Fri) Weekend Package (Sat / Sun)
3 hours per visit 4 times per month $230 per month* $260 per month*
4 hours per visit 4 times per month $280 per month* $330 per month*

*Rates applicable for floor area of 1300 ft² and below for a minimum service period of 6 months. For service period less than 6 months, the service fee will be 10% higher.

Currently most of the weekly cleaners are fully booked due to the high demand. When a request for a cleaner is received, we will check if there is an available cleaner in your area. In the event that there is no available cleaner in your area, a SMS notification will be sent to you.  

Bedrooms and living room

  • Vacuum and mop floor
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Dusting of furniture
  • Changing bed linen (one bedroom per week and once a month)


  • Clean and disinfect bathtub, basin and toilet bowl
  • Wash toilet floor and walls
  • Clean all mirrors


  • Mop floor
  • Wipe cooking stove and exterior electrical appliances
  • Wipe exterior surface of all cabinets
  • Wash basin (provided it is empty)


  • Empty trash
  • Clean windows** and grills (rotational basis)
  • Clean doors and metal gate (rotational basis)
  • Ironing (for 4 hours service only and subject to a maximum of 10 pieces per visit)


**Job scope does not include cleaning of ceiling and wall fans, high windows and grilles, exterior of windows and grilles of high-rise apartments or homes with more than one level, curtain rails, shifting of furniture, removal of renovation debris, washing of dishes, laundry and packing of personal effects.


The job scope for Weekly Cleaning is only a general guide on the domestic cleaners' job coverage.  However, depending on your cleaning priorities and extent of cleaning required, the tasks that they are able to complete within the specified time may not necessarily emcompass all the mentioned duties.



Customer must provide cleaners with cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, mop, window wiper, detergent for different floor types, cleaning cloth, ladder, pails and brushes for weekly cleaning.

Your queries answered.

The employer of a live-in maid will have to take care of the various needs of the maid, e.g. food & lodging. Moreover, the employer may face various problems arising from hiring a foreign live-in maid, such as differences in expectations and a communication barrier. Having an additional person living with you and your family will mean an added responsibility.

Engaging a domestic cleaner through NTUC Income, you will have no worries about the well-being, food & lodging and communication barriers between the domestic cleaner and you. You will save expenses compared with employing a live-in maid. You can rest assured that you will go home to a clean and well-maintained home and no compromise of your privacy.

Home Services will assign one trained domestic cleaner to your home on a regular basis. In the event that the assigned domestic cleaner does not wish to continue service, all efforts will be made to a find a replacement and is subject to availability of cleaner in your location. You will be given prior notification of the necessary changes.

Yes. All our domestic cleaners are required to go through a 15 hours of training including on-the-job training.

Some of the customers arrange for the domestic cleaner to clean their home whilst they are at work and entrust the domestic cleaner with a set of their house keys whilst others prefer to have someone at home. If you do decide to entrust your house keys with the domestic cleaner, please ensure that all valuables are locked up in a safe location. We leave it to the employer to decide on this.

No, but we do have a standard service agreement which allow you to stop the service at any time by giving a one month's notice to terminate.

For your convenience, a GIRO service will be arranged for payment.

The GIRO deduction will be made on the 6th of every month, which covers the period of service from 10th of the month to the 9th of the following month.

The GIRO deduction made on 6th of January will cover the services to be provided from 10th of January to 9th of February.

  • Monthly payments are to be made in advance.  The amount is dependent on the package selected and number of weekly services in the month.  For example, for most months the number of weekly service is four whilst there will be some months that the weekly service is five.
  • For the first month, the payment is to be made by cheque or cash until payment by GIRO has been approved.
  • If a customer requests for all monthly payments to be made by cheque, an administrative charge of $10 per month (inclusive of GST) is payable in additional to the monthly payments.
  • Direct engagement of service operator is not permissible without prior consent.
  • Customer is advised to lock up all valuables in safe location.
  • Customer is required to sign up for a minimum of 1 month (4 sessions).
  • Customer is not allowed to postpone the cleaning service.
  • Warranty for damages, up to a maximum of S$1,000.


I am very happy with the service provided by Income and Mdm Ho and will definitely recommend you to my friends. Having employed part-time cleaners for many years from various sources, I am most satisfied with the service provided by Income and Mdm Ho.

Ai Ling Sim-Devadas, 36, Communications Manager

I was very pleased and satisfied with the cleaning service provided by Income and Ivy. She was always on time, fast and effective in her work.

Vanessa Katte, Singapore PR