Online guides to help with your work from home arrangement

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Guidance Note: Income Precautionary Measures – On premise activities. 

IT Helpdesk contact: 31-588-500



The following number will not be effective from 30 Nov 2020: 6973-8565 / 6973-8550


Service Centres:

Bras Basah Income Centre Level 4
75 Bras Basah Road
Income Centre
Singapore 189557

Paya Lebar Quarter Level 8
1 Paya Lebar Link
#08-01 PLQ Tower 1
Singapore 408533

Tampines Point Level 7
2 Tampines Central 6
#07-03 Income at Tampines Point
Singapore 529483


Operating Hours:

Income Centre
Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
(Lunch: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM)

Paya Lebar Quarter
Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Tampines Point
Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


MS Teams is available for all staff and does not require approval or license. Here is a guide on how to use MS Teams

Quick Reference Guide includes instructions on how to use the basic functions.

Self-installation of Avaya Communicator via Software Center.

How to do multi-call on the Avaya Communicator. 

Tips on common queries. 

FAQ on the Avaya Communicator. 

For Users bringing home their work Desktop machine, and/or peripherals (e.g. Monitor, keyboard, Mouse)

Please follow attached request flow and fill up the form.  Coordinate with Dept FA coordinator to attach the duly completed form into myIT request form (myIT > Generic Computing Device > Setup and Configuration).  Dept Head’s approval in myIT is required



User to let EUC know whether he/she has Broadband at home or not.

  • User has Broadband at home (WIFI enabled)
    • EUC will issue additional USB-WIFI adapter to WIFI-enabled the Desktop machine during the physical verification process.


  • User has no Broadband at home
    • User to contact Ms Jenny Wong (of OS dept) to loan a mobile dongle with Data SIM (20GB/month which is sufficient for work purpose)
  1. Can I store my files and email archives in BCP laptop?

Users should not move/copy their email archive into BCP laptop as it could lead to missing emails when using their primary issued device.  Regular email house-keeping should be performed to ensure that email storage capacity is within the allocated size.


  1. Can I swap for a better BCP laptop?

All BCP devices are of similar specification.  EUC will not swap BCP laptop during this period due to limited resources.  Do note that any intentional damage found on the device will be chargeable to the owner.


  1. When can I return the BCP laptop?

BCP laptop will be loaned to you until BCP is ceased.  We will work with your Department Representative on the return date and time.


  1. Can I continue to use the BCP laptop after BCP is over?

Each user is entitled to only One computing device.  Extension of BCP laptop loan duration is subjected to approval.


  1. What should I do to bring my work Desktop machine or Monitor home to work during this WFH period

Process and form required is published in EUC Notification page, dated 5-Apr


  1. I was issued with Income BCP machine. What should I do next?

After you logged in the BCP machine, Quick Start user guide can be found in the Windows Desktop page.

Topics below are covered

  • Use your existing account to login in
  • How to connect VPN
  • How to set up Income email account
  • How to create shared mailbox
  • How to create email signature
  • How to Map shared drive folder
  • How to Reset Password online
  • How to install Avaya
  • How to install MDM for IOS
  • How to install MDM for ANDROID


  1. How do I change Windows login password (in office and over VPN)

User guide for Windows login password change guide can be found in EUC Notification page, dated 24-Mar

How to change password in Income's environment.

  1. How do I request for new laptop for new staff?

Do submit the MyIT request 5 days in advance, so that our engineers can have sufficient lead-time to prepare your request.  All Collection will be in Income Center Level 4.


  1. How a departing staff return IT equipment?

All leavers will need to submit HR Exit form with proper signature or completed MyApproval.  IT Assets will be returned to Income Center Level 4.

To avoid any delay:

  • Ensure that all secondary devices are transferred and acknowledged by new owner
  • Ensure all the primary devices and accessories present during the return.