These precautionary measures are part of the company’s pandemic response procedures, intended to safeguard the well-being of our staff and other members of the public. The health and travel declaration is required to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.

Visitors who look visibly unwell or register a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or more, will not be allowed into Income premises, and will be advised to seek medical attention immediately.

Visitors who are current serving a Quarantine Order or Stay Home Notice will also not be allowed to enter.

We are embarking on this precautionary measure as part of the company’s pandemic response procedures to safeguard the well-being of our staff and other members of the public. During this period, staff / reps should not come to the office and are required to work from home.

Staff / reps will be asked to observe the 14-day monitoring period if you have had close contact with:

(1) A confirmed case; 

(2) Someone who has been issued a Quarantine Order; or

(3) Someone who has been issued a Stay Home Notice.

Please inform your Manager if either of the above conditions apply to you. You are also required to make a declaration via this online 14-Day Monitoring Period Form. If you are unsure about how this affects you, please discuss the matter with your Manager.

A close contact is someone who shares the same living space or household, i.e. family member, housemate or roommate.

Close contact with:

Determining the 14-day monitoring period:

A confirmed case

Day 0 will be the day the case is confirmed. Staff / reps will only return to work at the office on Day 15.

Someone who has been issued a SHN

Day 0 will be the day the SHN is issued. Staff / reps should only return to work at the office on Day 15, or when the SHN expires, whichever is earlier.

Someone who has been issued a QO

Day 0 will be the day the QO is issued. Staff / reps should only return to work at the office on Day 15, or when the QO expires, whichever is earlier.

A SHN is issued by the authorities to travellers, including Singapore residents, long-term pass holders and foreign workers, upon entering Singapore. Travellers with valid Safe Travel Passes will be exempted from a SHN. The SHN will be served either at their own accommodation, or at SHN Dedicated Facilities. Find out more from ICA here.

The 14-day monitoring period imposed by Income as an added precautionary measure to limit our exposure and risk in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. During this period, you may leave your place of residence to attend to matters, but are strongly advised to minimise your time spent in public places. You are strongly advised to comply with the stipulated guidelines to prevent potential transmission of disease to colleagues and other members of the public.

Staff/reps observing the 14-day monitoring period are required to work from home. Please discuss a suitable arrangement with your Manager if you do not have your laptop at home or if you are unable to work remotely. Where applies, Managers will be reassigning work to affected staff/reps during this period if the job-role does not allow remote working.

Staff/reps are also required to take their temperature twice daily and report their temperature readings via this online Temperature Monitoring Form accordingly during the 14-day monitoring period.

Additionally, staff/reps are advised to take the following precautionary actions which are aligned to MOH’s advisory.

  1. Stay at home as much as possible although you may leave home to purchase daily necessities or to attend to important personal matters;
  2. Minimize time spent in public places and/or avoid close contact with others, including colleagues;
  3. To maintain a record of persons that have come into close contact with you during the monitoring period;
  4. Avoid going to crowded places and attending social gatherings;
  5. Monitor your health closely and seek medical attention if you develop fever or symptoms of acute respiratory illness such as cough or shortness of breath;
  6. Inform medical staff and doctor of your travel history when seeking medical attention and to wear a surgical mask before leaving your home and avoid taking public transport;
  7. Be contactable at all times;
  8. Update your Manager if you are unwell and are seeking medical attention;
  9. Call 995 for an ambulance to take you to the hospital in emergency situations (e.g. difficulty in breathing).

Further reference available here.

Yes, your family members may continue to live with you. However, you and your family should observe good personal hygiene practices and seek medical attention immediately if unwell.

Please inform your manager immediately if you have been issued a QO or SHN. You are also required to make an online declaration via this form. Comply with the QO or SHN strictly. As an employer, Income has a duty to ensure that staff comply with a QO or SHN.

If you have been in close contact with a confirmed case, or someone who has been issued a Quarantine Order, you must alert your manager and will be asked to observe a 14-day monitoring period.

If you are alerted to a suspected case, whether a fellow colleague, customer or visitor, at Income’s offices, inform the following Flu Managers and your HOD immediately so that the necessary actions can be taken. Do not take matters into your own hands.

Flu Managers

  • Income Centre – Charlotte Kong (Hp: 9128-2882)
  • Tampines Point – Daniel Tan (Hp: 9773-4005)
  • Paya Lebar Square – Syafrizal (Hp: 9633-7249)

You must alert your Manager if you are suspected to have or have tested positive for the COVID-19. The Manager must then alert the HOD immediately. If you suspect you may have contracted COVID-19, please do not come to the office, and seek medical attention immediately and follow the doctor's advice.

The MOH revised the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) to Orange on Friday, 7 Feb. As such, the Crisis Management Team (CMT) convened in accordance to our BCP for ‘Influenza Pandemic Response’ and commenced split-team operations on 13 Feb as our response to the heightened risk assessment. The objective is to reduce our collective risk and exposure to COVID-19 infection and potential community spread.

In combating infectious diseases, split-team operations are limited to alternating between working from home and your current office site only. Inter-office movements would render split-team operations futile and compromised our aim to lower our exposure to the coronavirus.

Staff are strongly encouraged to use tele- and video-conferencing platforms to carry out inter-office meetings and meetings with external parties (vendors, agencies, suppliers, etc). Please discuss with your Manager if you need to proceed with a face-to-face meeting.

Staff are strongly discouraged from attending large-scale events, conferences or seminars to minimise your risk of exposure to infection. Please discuss your participation with your Manager.

Following the MOH’s advisory on 18 March 2020, staff/reps are advised to differ all travel abroad until further notice. Those who have to travel during this period must declared your travel plans via this online form (travel), and keep your managers informed of your travel plans.

Staff on work passes must keep HR informed of your travel plans as HR will need to apply for an entry approval from MOM which takes 10 days to process. Work pass holders who do not have this entry approval will not be able to re-enter Singapore. Failure to apply for the entry approval can lead to revocation of work pass privileges by the MOM.  

Please also check the MOH website for the latest measures before and during your trip as they evolve according to the global situation, and comply accordingly.

Under DORSCON Orange, employers are required to conduct daily health checks at workplaces. This is done through temperature screenings twice daily, and we require staff to submit their readings via an online form so that we can monitor the situation and take any necessary actions.

Health advisories and the latest information on the local disease situation are available on the Singapore Ministry of Health website at For queries, please call the MOH general enquiry hotline at 6325 9220. For the latest global disease situation, you may wish to refer to the World Health Organisation website at