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General Advisories Before Your Screening

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Fasting for at least 8 hours is required before your health screening appointment. Please refrain from consuming food starting from 12 midnight on the day before your appointment. Drinking of plain water is permissible up to the morning of screening.

Fasting is required specifically for your (1) blood tests; (2) ultrasound abdomen and (3) ultrasound liver.

Please delay your routine morning medication and/or supplements until your blood sample is taken.

You may collect the stool cassette from the Raffles Medical clinical team on the day of health screening. Please store the cassette away from sunlight and at room temperature. Submission of stool cassette can only be done from the day of the health screening.

Pap smear, urine and stool tests should be done 5 days after the last day of menstruation. If you are menstruating on the day of your appointment, please inform the nurses on arrival. You will not be able to do your urine, stool and Pap smear tests because the presence of blood in these tests would produce inaccurate results. The Pap smear test can be arranged to be done on the day of your review.

Please bring along your identification document and a copy of the appointment booking where applicable.

If you have opted for additional advanced packages, please note that you can make payment by cash, credit card or NETS on the health screening day.

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Consent is required for those below the age of 18 years old. Participants will be asked to present their NRIC/FIN for validation.

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