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09 April 2019 23516

How Apply For or Renew a Maid Permit in Singapore

Domestic helpers are indispensable members of many Singapore households. But before your domestic...

19 October 2020 19040

Hiring a Domestic Helper in Singapore: A Guide to Costs, Salary & Benefits

For busy working professionals, hiring a domestic helper in Singapore makes running a household e...

06 January 2019 17328

Here’s why the sandwiched generation is so dependent on domestic helpers

Life is not easy when you've got to look after kids and elderly parents. That's why mo...

09 July 2018 37350

Tips for Renewing Your Indonesian Helper's Work Permit

Is your Indonesian helper's work permit expiring soon? Here are some useful tips to renew her...

11 February 2021 14484

Childcare in Singapore 2021: Costs, Options and Subsidies for Working Pare...

Working parents have many childcare options to choose from. Find out what they are, how much chil...

25 May 2016 4835

Why Does Your Helper Need Insurance?

Learn how Domestic Helper insurance protects and helps you (the employer), too.