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A Guide To Repairing Your Leaky Pipe

byIrene A
  • Jun 28, 2018
  • 2 mins
Home is meant to be a place for you to rest after a long tiring day and maintaining it is definitely not an easy job. One of the common mishaps at home is a leaky pipe. Whether you are staying at a newly built HDB block or a few-year-old house, you never know when the pipes at home will start giving you problems.

Leaky pipes often present themselves as visible water stains of peeling paint on the walls.  However, most leaking pipes are often unnoticed and only discovered when it's already too late and causing a huge mess at home.  You probably only realise you have a leaking pipe when there is a sudden surge in your water bill.
There can be many reasons why your pipes are leaking - Clogs, broken seals, corrosions etc.  The most important thing is knowing what to do when faced with this problem. Here are a few steps that you can take to mitigate the situation.

1. Shut off the water valve


Once you successfully locate the source of leakage, look for the stop valve leading to the pipe. The water valve is normally close to the point of water, usually at the ceiling of the bathroom or kitchen. Turn the valve off to prevent further leakage in your house. If you have difficulties in finding the stop valve, switch off the main valve at the water meter to stop the leaking water.

2. Repair the leak

Check the condition of the leakage – Is the leakage because of a crack, rust, or broken pipe? To better inspect the leakage, wipe the leaking area with a clean cloth. The size and shape of the leakage determine the repair needed.

Small cracks

For small cracks, a waterproof tape can be a quick, temporary fix. Start pasting the tape 3-5 cm away from the hole and extend it to roughly the same distance beyond. Make sure that the wrap is tight. You can wrap it a few rounds if the crack is rather huge.

Large cracks

For a larger fissure, an epoxy putty or sealant is needed to cover the hole. Mould the putty bigger than the size of the crack and push it into and around the cracks, forming a tight seal. Let the paste rest for a few minutes to harden, before wrapping it using duct tape. When using duct tape, follow the 3-cm rule as mentioned above.

However, take note that different types of epoxy work different materials.

3. Call a plumber immediately

While applying some epoxy may have stopped the issue, this repair is only temporary. A damaged pipe needs to be replaced as soon as possible before the pipe ruptures. It's best to get a professional to assist with the repair of your damaged pipe. While the plumber fixes the broken section of the pipe, you can also request for him or her to check for possible causes of damage and other susceptible areas of the pipes.

In the event that you do not have a plumber’s contact, Income’s Home Services provides you with a panel of trusted plumbers that have been carefully screened for quality. You can trust that the repairs done will be satisfactory, and they even come with a 90-day service warranty. You can get a free quote here, and check out the other services provided by Income’s Home Services too.

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