Frequently Asked Questions

Prolonged ML Insurance for Self-Employed Person

  • Q:Am I required to go for a medical check up to apply this Plan?


    No medical check-up is required.

  • Q:Can I purchase both Plan A and Plan B for myself?


    No, you can only choose one plan that suit your needs.

  • Q:Can I upgrade my plan mid-way into the policy period?


    No, upgrading of plan during the policy period is not allowed. However, you can upgrade this plan upon renewal. Please note that for any pre-existing medical condition, we will pay you the benefit based on your previous plan.

  • Q:Does PML insurance cover for any pre-existing medical conditions?


    Yes, pre-existing conditions will be insured after 12 months of being continuously covered under this policy.

    Pre-existing medical condition refers to any injury or illness in which the insured member has had symptoms, or has been diagnosed, whether known or unknown, and regardless of whether treatment or medical advice was actually received, prior to the commencement of his/her insurance cover under this plan.

  • Q:How do I apply for this plan?


    Please email to to request for a copy of the application form.

  • Q:How do I submit my claim?

    1. Please notify us within 30 days from the hospital latest discharge date, informing us of any possible claim.
    2. Please submit the claim form and relevant documents for our claim assessment.
    3. For any information required by us to assess the claim shall be furnished by you. The cost of obtaining the information will be borne by you.
    4. Please visit our website - or contact us at 6332 1133 for more information.
  • Q:How long will I expect to receive my claims?


    Your claim will be processed and paid within 21 workings upon receipt of completed documentation.

  • Q:If I am no longer a self-employed person, will I still be covered under PML insurance?


    If you are no longer a self-employed person, the cover will cease upon expiry of the Policy.

  • Q:If I terminate my PML insurance, will I receive any refund?


    There will no refund if you terminate the policy before the expiry date.

  • Q:Is the cash benefit payable if my medical leave is issued by overseas hospital or clinic?


    No, the cash benefit for medical leave is only payable if the medical leave certification is issued by a registered general medical practitioner (GP), specialist practitioner or hospital’s physician in Singapore as a result of an illness or injury.  

  • Q:Is the daily hospital income benefit payable if I am hospitalised overseas?


    No, the cash benefit is payable only if you are hospitalised in Singapore.

  • Q:Is there a waiting period for this Policy?


    Yes, there is a 30 days waiting period from the commencement date of Policy before the claim is payable except for those arising from accidental injuries.

    Example: If you apply this plan on 14th October 2018 and application is successful, your cover will start from 1st November 2018 for accidental injuries. For non-accidental injuries, the cover will start after the 30 days waiting period, i.e 1st December 2018.

  • Q:When can I claim for Daily Hospital Income Benefit?


    Daily Hospital Cash benefit will be payable if you;

    a) have stay in hospital is for at least 6 hours; or 

    b) the hospital charges daily room and board after you have stayed in the hospital; or

    c) surgery performed on you is a procedure listed in the Ministry of Health (MOH) table of surgical.


    The plan also pays for subsequent hospitalisation leave certification that is issued by the attending physician.

  • Q:Who can apply for this plan?


    A self-employed persons (SEP) can apply for this plan.

    SEP refers to persons who operate their own trade or business, and are their own bosses without hiring any employees or loosely known as “freelancers” or “independent contractors” or more formally, they are known as “own account workers”.

  • Q:Will my coverage commence immediately when I submit the application form?


    No, the cover will only commence from the 1st of the following month upon successful application.

    Example: If you apply the plan on 14th of October 2018, and your application is successful, your Policy will only commence from 1st November 2018, for a period of one year.

  • Q:Will my premium rates change when I enter a higher age band?


    Yes, the premiums that you pay are based on the plan type and your age last birthday. Premium rates will change when you enter a higher age band upon renewal. Premium rates are not guaranteed and may be reviewed from time to time.