Frequently Asked Questions

Hospital Care Insurance

Product Coverage
  • Q:Can I claim under both Section 1 – Daily hospital cash and Section 2 – ICU triple cover for the same day of hospitalization?


    No, you can only claim under either Section 1 or 2 for the same day of hospitalization.

  • Q:Does this policy reimburse expenses for outpatient medical treatment by a Chinese medicine practitioner or chiropractor incurred due to injury?


    Yes, we will pay for the medical expenses incurred at a Chinese medicine practitioner or chiropractor due to injury as long as they are registered and have a valid practicing certificate.

    List of registered Chinese medicine practitioners (

    We will pay for treatment expenses for the injury within 48 hours following the accident and follow-up treatment expenses for the same injury up to 30 days from the date of accident.

  • Q:Will this policy reimburse the transportation cost to a hospital due to injury or sickness?


    We will only reimburse ambulance charges to transport you to a hospital for hospitalization. Other transport modes such as air ambulance or taxi is not covered.

    You can only claim the ambulance expense if we are already paying you the daily hospital cash benefit under Section 1 – Daily hospital cash or Section 2 – Triple ICU cover.

  • Q:How many days of hospitalization is covered?


    For every injury or sickness, up to 730 days under section 1 – Daily hospital cash or up to 60 days under section 2 – ICU triple cover.

  • Q:If my policy ends before I am discharged from the hospital, can I claim for daily hospital cash for my whole stay?


    No, benefit ends once the policy ends.

  • Q:Does this policy cover me while I am overseas?


    Yes, the policy will cover you while you are out of Singapore as long as this duration is not more than 90 days in total for a policy year.

  • Q:Does Hospital Care Insurance cover claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions?


    No, this policy does not cover claims arising from any pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Q:Can I claim for outpatient expenses incurred due to sickness?


    No, you can only claim outpatient medical expenses for injury resulting from accidents under Section 4 – Emergency outpatient expenses to treat an injury.

  • Q:Will I be covered if I travel overseas and contract COVID-19?


    No, you will not be covered for any claims arising from COVID-19 if you travel overseas against the government’s advice.

  • Q:Does this policy cover hospitalization in a community hospital?


    No, community hospitals do not meet the definition of a hospital under the policy which means an establishment which is registered under the relevant national laws and regulations to care for and treat sick and injured people as bed-paying patients and which:

    • has organised facilities for diagnosis, treatment and major surgery;
    • provides nursing services by registered nurses 24 hours a day;
    • is under the supervision of one or more medical practitioners; and
    • is not mainly a clinic, a secure place to care for alcoholics or drug addicts, a nursing or rest or convalescent home or a home for the elderly or a similar establishment.
  • Q:Is there a waiting period for Hospital Care Insurance?


    There is a waiting period of 30 days if the claim is due to sickness. There is no waiting period if the claim is due to injury because of an accident.

  • Q:Can I claim under Section 6 - Home recovery after hospitalization if I only have sick leave?


    Yes, we accept both sick leave and hospitalization leave as long as you provide a medical certificate or equivalent issued by a medical practitioner or a specialist from the same hospital immediately after the discharge. Please refer to the policy conditions for full details.

Application and Procedures
  • Q:What is the age limit if I wish to apply for this policy?


    You must be between 30 days to 65 years old (based on last birthday) to be insured under this policy.  For children aged between 30 days old and 15 years old, parents/guardian must be the proposer.

  • Q:If I am a foreigner or Singaporean Permanent Resident (PR), am I eligible for this policy?


    Yes, you will be eligible as long as you hold a valid Singapore identification document such as a Singapore National Registration Identification Card (NRIC), Employment Pass, Work Permit or Long Term Visit Pass.

  • Q:Am I allowed to upgrade my plan?


    Yes, you can upgrade your plan upon at the renewal of your policy, subject to underwriting.

  • Q:Can I have multiple insured persons under one policy?


    Yes, you can insure your spouse and/or your dependent children under 18 under the same policy as long as they all fulfill the eligibility criteria.

  • Q:If I change my mind after taking up this insurance, can I cancel it?


    Yes, you can cancel this plan by notifying us via email at or call us at 6788 1777. The cancellation will take effect from the date we receive your request.

    a. If you cancel this plan within the 14 day free-look period, you may get a full refund of the premium paid if there has been no claim made under this policy.

    b. If you cancel this plan after the free-look period, we will proceed with your refund based on the calculation as follows:

    Period of Insurance (in days) still left to run x 85% of the premium paid
    Original period of insurance of this policy

    We will not refund any premium below $37.80 @ 8% GST from 2023, $38.15 @ 9% from 2024 if you cancel the policy.