Frequently Asked Questions

Employees FlexCare

  • Q:Can I extend Employees FlexCare to my employees’ dependants?


    Yes, if you allow the dependants to take up this plan, it will be compulsory to all eligible employees under the same occupation category or basis of coverage. The plan type for the dependants should not be higher than the employees’ plan type.

    For GOPC and GOSC, dependants must take up these riders if they are purchased for the employees.

  • Q:What is the eligible age for cover for my employees?


    You can refer to the following table for the eligibility age for cover for your employees.

    Product Full Time Employee
    Group Hospital and Surgical 69 years old and below (age last birthday) and cover is renewable up to 72 years old (age last birthday)
    Group Personal Accident
    Group Major Medical
    Group Outpatient
    Group Term Life 16 to 69 years old (age last birthday)
    Group Critical Illness 16 to 64 years old (age last birthday)

    For GTL and GCI plans, plan type (sum assured) of more than $100,000 will be subject to underwriting.

    For GTL plan, employees and their spouse who are 65 to 69 years old are required to complete the Group Health Declaration Form and their application will be subject to underwriting.

  • Q:What is the minimum group size to be eligible for Employees FlexCare (“this plan”)?


    You will need a minimum of three employees to be eligible for this plan. This is also applicable for the rider chosen.

Product coverage
  • Q:Can I choose the plan type according to my employees’ occupation category?


    Yes, the same selected plan type will apply to all employees under the same occupation category.

  • Q:Does Employees FlexCare cover my employees and their dependants for any pre-existing conditions?


    For GHS plan, pre-existing conditions are excluded for the first 12 months of continuous coverage except for pre-existing cancer or kidney conditions for which the conditions will be permanently excluded.

    For GMM and GTL plans, pre-existing conditions are excluded for the first 12 months of coverage.

    For GCI plan, pre-existing conditions are permanently excluded.

  • Q:Does the GHS plan cover my employees if they are being treated or confined in a hospital and/or ward which is different from the selected plan type?


    Yes, if your employee is admitted to a higher ward and/or hospital type, pro-ration factor will apply to day surgery, inpatient admission and post-hospitalisation treatment.

    Private HospitalRestructured Hospital
    All Bed Types – 60%Single Bed – 75%
  • Q:What should my employees do if they visit Income’s panel GP or Specialist clinic?


    Please present his/her Outpatient Medical Card and National Registration Identity Care (NRIC) or work pass upon registration.

    Please note that if your employee fails to present these documents, the clinic will collect cash from your employee and we will reimburse the claim based on non-panel benefit limit.

  • Q:Is referral letter required for visitation to Income’s panel Specialist or Specialist Outpatient Clinics in Restructured Hospital?


    Yes, referral letter is required from the Registered Medical Practitioner. Please make a copy of the referral letter and present it to the panel Specialist or Specialist Outpatient Clinics in Restructured Hospital upon visitation.

  • Q:Can I choose GOPC and GOSC plan type for different occupation categories of my employees?


    No, employees in all occupation categories must be covered under the same plan type.

  • Q:Does my employee have to pay for the surcharge levied by the panel clinics after their operating hours?


    Yes, your employee will have to pay for the surcharge as GOPC and GOSC do not cover for the surcharge levy by the panel clinics.

Application & Renewal
  • Q:How do I apply for Employees FlexCare?

    • Complete and sign the Group Insurance Application Form. You may download the form at our website at
    • Submit your company’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Business Profile (within 6 months validity) and a list of directors with executive authority in the company.
    • Provide a list of names, identification numbers and signatory of authorised personnel appointed to act for and on behalf of the company. Each authorised personnel is to provide a clear copy (front and back) of the NRIC or work pass.
  • Q:Will my renewal premium be affected if my employee made a large claim in the previous year?


    The premiums are based on portfolio underwriting. It will be reviewed based on the entire portfolio’s total premium and total claims. Any change in premium rates will apply to all policyholders of Employees FlexCare policies.

  • Q:How do I make a claim?


    Please submit the original hospital bills, medical receipt and discharge summary with the completed and signed claim form to us within 60 days from the date of occurrence. For death claim, please submit the Death Certificate with the completed and signed claim form to us within three months after the insured’s death.