Frequently Asked Questions

Co-Pay Assist Plan

Claim Coverage
  • Q:How much can I claim under my Co-Pay Assist Plan?


    You can claim according to the following co-payment rates:

    Ward Adjusted Co-Payments Rates
    Entitlement Admitted to Policyholder Dependant
    C B2 4.4% 11.7%
    C B2+ 3.1% 8.3%
    C B1 1.8% 5.0%
    C A 1.3% 3.3%
    B2 B2+ 5.3% 13.3%
    B2 B1 3.1% 8.3%
    B2 A 2.6% 6.7%
    B1 A 5.7% 15.0%
    As per plan eligibility / Downgrade of ward 7.5% 20.0%
  • Q:Can I claim for child delivery?


    Yes, any claims arising out of or relating to pregnancy or childbirth is claimable except for accouchement charges. This is provided that you have been insured under the Co-Pay Assist Plan for more than 12 months.

  • Q:Can I claim from another medical policy after I have submitted a claim under Co-Pay Assist Plan?


    If there is a balance amount not payable by Co-Pay Assist Plan, you can submit a claim request for the remaining portion under another medical policy.