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No question is a bad question in his books.

Alvin, 20

A little guidance can go a long way.

Samantha, 19

A rough start doesn't necessarily result in a bad ending.

Raihan, 22

She didn't let her circumstances define her future.

Syahirah, 21

Optimism is his mantra.

Teo Yuan Sheng, 20

An orphan who had to exercise financial prudence from a young age.

Tan Jia Leng, 19

Constant upheavals, multiple foster homes, but still an upbeat disposition.

Lin Foxin, 21

Skipping meals because of finances was normal in her household.

Sheril Ameilda Alis Binte Ramlan, 19

She didn't buckle when life threw her an unexpected curveball at 18.

A'Fowsh Flora, 21

When the going got tougher, he kept going.

Terence Choo, 24

Set a goal, work hard and don't let anything get in the way.

Halifah, 17