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Facilitator Training

Inspired by feedback from Future Development Programme (FDP) beneficiaries, this programme allows those who have benefited from FDP to give back.

Income OrangeAid aims to groom FDP beneficiaries who are interested to explore a career as a trainer and equip them with the necessary skill-set, while they earn a small stipend when they return to support their peers at FDP workshops.

Alumni under this programme benefit in the following ways:

  • Opportunity to give back and be a role model to their FDP juniors
  • Pick-up important career skills such as public speaking, small-group communications, negotiation and leadership
  • Opens doors to job opportunities and a profession as a trainer/educator and public speaker
  • Remuneration as they go through training and for their time as trainers at the FDP workshops
  • Builds confidence and camaraderie amongst fellow beneficiaries, expanding their networks and support system.

We hope for this opportunity to inculcate values of others-centeredness, giving FDP beneficiaries a sense of purpose and self-esteem, grooming them into capable contributors of the society.