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We have a team of experienced investment professionals who can help you to choose the right assets to invest in at different stages of your life.

Different asset classes do better at various points of the market cycle. Our team of experienced investment professionals can use their understanding of each asset class to help you with your investment decisions, potentially increasing your returns regardless of the market environment.

This chart illustrates potentially ideal asset classes that you can invest in over the market cycle.

This chart is for illustration purpose only.

As you approach your milestones, your investments will include more conservative income assets and fewer potentially volatile assets. This helps you limit your risks while potentially increasing your returns to meet your financial target.

This chart shows how your investment mix will change as you progress towards your milestone.

4 funds to choose from

Invest in the Aim Series

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You can choose to invest in the Aim Series through GrowthLink, a single premium plan or through regular premium plans like VivoLink or VivaLink.

You can choose to top your existing investment-linked plan up or switch your investments into an Aim Series fund.

You may invest in the Aim Series through FlexiLink, a single premium plan, using your CPF monies.

Know the target maturity date of the funds and invest according to your investment time horizon.

Fund Target maturity date
Aim Now No maturity date
Aim 2025 31 October 2025
Aim 2035 31 October 2035
Aim 2045 31 October 2045

If these dates fall on a weekend/public holiday, the last business day before it will be taken as the maturity date of the fund.

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