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Managed Healthcare System - Product Summary

The MHS Scheme has been withdrawn with effect 1 January 2008 for new applications (applicable to both Individual and Group policies).
Existing MHS policyholders will continue to enjoy their coverage as long as
they renew their policies annually.

Comprehensive Coverage

A) Primary Care

This is provided by a wide network of general practitioners in clinics all over Singapore. The member can enjoy unlimited visits to any of the clinics in our panel of GPs with a co-payment amount of $5 per visit. Primary care includes consultation, prescribed medication, procedures or tests deemed medically necessary.
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B) Specialist Care

MHS offers a wide network of specialists from different medical specialties to provide healthcare to the members. These are private specialists and specialists in government and restructured hospitals. An annual benefit of $500 is payable for specialist care which includes consultation, prescribed medication and tests upon referral of the panel GP .
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C) Hospital Care

Hospital care covers medical expenses for hospitalisation/surgery and certain outpatient hospital treatments (Renal Dialysis, Erythropoietin, Cyclosporin, Radiotherapy for cancer, Chemotherapy for cancer and Immunotherapy for cancer) incurred in Singapore. Medical expenses incurred overseas are not covered unless they are for Inpatient treatment  required as a result of an Emergency whilst overseas. 
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D) Emergency Care

Besides primary, specialist and hospital care, MHS also provides cover for emergencies.
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Guaranteed Renewal

NTUC Income Managed Healthcare System guarantees renewal of your health care insurance regardless of the change in your health condition.


In addition to the security of receiving comprehensive medical care for minor ailments to catastrophic illness, MHS members have the assurance of knowing that they can be insured up to 80 years old by paying the premium. This is especially crucial when medical care is most needed as one ages.


Co-payment is a feature of MHS that encourages the member to be responsible in the use of healthcare benefits. Members are encouraged to use healthcare services only when necessary.
Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits for the co-payments applicable.

The only medical plan which covers you for hospitalisation, specialist treatment and even your visits to the doctor!

Loss of MHS card?

You have to report the loss of the card via any of the following means:

A replacement card will be issued.


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