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Family Insurance Plan – Product Summary

Complete peace of mind for your family with one plan

Each person faces the risk of accident, sickness, disability and premature death and others. These events often result in hefty medical bills, loss of earnings and can bring hardship to your loved ones These losses can be covered by insurance.

By paying a small premium, you can be compensated adequately against these financial losses.

One Policy to Cover Many Risks

Most people buy different insurance policies to cover these risks. They are more expensive, as separate policies have to be administered.

NTUC Income has a simpler way for you to cover these various risks under one plan. You can also cover several members of your family, including spouse, children and even parents. This is called the Family Insurance Plan.

No more hassle of having many separate insurance documents. With the Family Insurance Plan, you can take care of all your family's insurance needs under one roof.

Complete Financial Security

You can cover yourself and even your family against the following situations. The table below shows the possible risk and suggested riders that are suitable.

Risk/Event Rider
a. Premature Death Term
b. 30 Dread Diseases Living Benefit
c. Accident Personal Accident
e. Permanent Disability Term
f. Hospitalisation Hospital & Surgical, Hospital Benefit
g. Major Loans (housing, car & others) Term/Living benefit
h. Loss of Income Comprehensive Income Benefit

Flexible to Suit Your Changing Needs

Many people find that existing insurance plans can be inflexible to adjust to their circumstances.

The Family Insurance Plan is very flexible to suit your changing needs.

Someone who is single can take up the Family Insurance Plan. When he gets married, he can include his spouse and later his children. He may also want to include his parents if they happen to have inadequate coverage. This is truly a plan that adjusts to suit your various needs at different life stages.

You are also allowed to increase or reduce your coverage for specific riders. If you increase the coverage, you have to provide evidence of your health and other risk factors so that the correct premium rate is charged.

Guaranteed Renewable till Age 80

Many plans in the market stop coverage at age 60 or 65, when the insurance coverage is most needed. At NTUC Income, you can choose to extend your coverage till age 80*.

*premium will be based on age.

Affordable Premiums

The premiums are generally among the most affordable in the market. The premium rates are adjusted from time to time, based on the claim experience. If the claim experience remains favourable, the premium rate will be maintained or even reduced. We recently lowered the premiums by 10% to 20% for most of the riders giving our existing and new policyholders added savings.

The premiums can be fixed for various durations ranging from one year till age 65. You can choose various premium payment periods to suit your needs and budget.

Professional Advice

Our Insurance Advisers are able to recommend appropriate packages that best suit your needs and review to ensure your coverages remain relevant.

Insurance Riders under the Family Insurance Plan Term - pays the sum assured in the event of death of total permanent disability.

Decreasing Term - pays uniformly decreasing sum assured upon death or on permanent total disability. Most suitable when you take on a loan.

Income Benefit/Enhanced Income Benefit/Special Income Benefit - pays a monthly income upon death, permanent total disability or diagnosis of a specified dread disease until the end of the term.

Living Benefit - pays the sum assured upon death, permanent total disability and diagnosis of a specified dread disease to tide over a period of prolonged illness and loss of income.

Lady Plus - specially tailored for ladies to cover specified female illnesses or occurrence of maternity risks. It also reimburses specified cancer related and re-constructive surgery costs. Must be taken with the Living Benefit.

Child Plus - pays for 10 specified child illnesses and hospitalisation due to accidental injury.

Personal Accident Rider - provides death benefits, permanent disability benefits and temporary disability benefits due to accidental, violent, external and visible means. The policyholder can choose death coverage only, death and PTD coverage or combined death, PTD and temporary disability.

Waiver of Premium Benefit - allows premium payment to cease should the payor suffer premature death, disability or a major illness.

Hospital Benefit - provides a fixed amount of compensation for each day of confinement in a government hospital or a licensed hospital, subject to a maximum of 365 days for each confinement.

Hospital & Surgical Rider - reimburses hospital expenses up to 60 days per hospitalisation. Covers ward charges, hospital services and surgical fees up to specified limits. Daily R&B will be doubled for Intensive Care Unit (ICU), subject to maximum of 14 days. Offers 80% of daily R&B as alternative cash benefit, if bills are covered by employer or other medical plans. Pays 10 times of daily R&B upon death.

The premium is non-guaranteed and the company reserves the right to increase or decrease the premium due to claim experience.


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