Commercial Insurance

As a business owner or manager, besides business risks, you face non-business risks. Such risks are chance events with an adverse economic impact on your enterprise.

You can choose to bear any losses as they occur, i.e. self-insure. This approach is appropriate only for minor risks that have only a small impact.

For major risks that may result in large economic losses, you should protect your business enterprise by transferring them to an insurer, through the means of insurance. By paying a premium, your enterprise can be compensated for losses that occur due to the insured events. Therefore, should the insured event occur, the economic impact would be minimal and your enterprise can continue operating.

Examples of major risks include:

  • Damage or loss of properties, such as building, machinery, inventory, cargo and money
  • Liability to employees and third parties
  • Death or disability of key persons.

Insurance is also purchased as an attractive benefit for your employees. Examples include group life and health insurance.

There are various types of insurance products, each with a specific purpose and covering specific events. Some types of insurance are required by law, such as, Work Injury Compensation and Motor.



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